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Phonmap Student Edition

If students are part of a class of 10 or more then they can make a large saving by buying the Student Edition.

Please read below or contact me to see if you qualify.

80 EUR (8/student)*

120 EUR (6/student)*
150 EUR (5/student)*

*The Phonmap Student Edition is subject to the following conditions...
  • Purchase must be done through the institute and not the students.
  • This must be done using an email address belonging to the institute.
  • All students must be studying at the same institute and/or part of the same course.
  • The institute will be required to verify course membership before Phonmap Activation Keys are sent out.
  • It is up to the institute to coordinate the installation and activation of Phonmap for the students.
  • All Activation Keys must be acquired within 3 months of purchase.

IMPORTANT: It is up to the institute to collect and administer all Activation Keys. This must be completed within 3 months of purchase.

Emails are checked twice a day and in most cases codes are returned within 24 hours. If you have not received anything after 48 hours then please contact me.

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