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The popular phonemic script writer

Welcome to the Phonmap homepage. Phonmap makes it easy to write/represent spoken words in 'phonemic script' without having to search through large font tables. Just run the program and write your words using the mouse to select characters from the chart. The text you have written will appear in the edit box at the top. When you have finished just press copy or paste. This will copy the script to the clipboard or automatically paste (*) the characters into the document you are currently writing.

Phonmap V5 - with full UNICODE support!

  • Easily write phonemic script into your documents
  • Share documents with other users who do not have Phonmap installed.
  • Share documents with users of other platforms such as Mac and Linux.
  • Display your scripts in any documents which support unicode fonts such as web pages, PDF files, email messages, online forums, ... etc.
  • An amazing low price from only 14.50!

Screen shot of Phonmap

If you run Phonmap with a command line parameter "/hide" it will not show itself on startup. This is useful if you wish to place a shortcut to Phonmap in your startup group. It will then just tuck itself neatly away in the system tray until it is needed.

* In some Windows setups it is not possible to automatically paste into other documents. Especially Windows Vista and various AntiVirus software have new security settings which prevent programs automatically steering other programs without permission.

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